Snow Bears

Snow Bears, the enchanting true-to-life tale of polar bear cubs and their mother on a 400 mile journey of a lifetime from their birth den in Svalbard all the way to the pack ice surrounding the north pole. It’s a fun packed, snowy adventure as two young bears learn how to survive in their frozen world and along the way meet a wonderful cast of curious arctic animals from reindeer to narwhals and walruses to arctic foxes. But there are dangers too, from an amorous male bear who is a danger to the cubs and pursues them every step of the way, to treacherous melting ice that risks tearing the family apart. The journey is triggered by the arrival of Spring when the ice vanishes from the island of their birth and with it the seals which they depend on for survival, polar bears must follow their prey to the year-round pack ice in the far north.

If they make it, they will be in polar bear paradise, surrounded by food and other contented bears. This dramatised story is a captivating and heart-warming tale of an eventful trek north. Snow Bears was the culmination of 6 months of dedicated following and filming of polar bears in the high arctic of Svalbard. To create it the crew filmed through 3 seasons and even managed to capture the extraordinary moment two tiny polar bear cubs took their steps outside the den. They tracked polar bears on their journey along the frozen coast and out across the ice floes of the Arctic Ocean covering 5000 miles on skidoo and ice strengthened boats with temperatures reaching minus 35 degrees C at times.

Snow Bears – Showing Tuesday 26th December, 2017 on BBC1