Lions are the stars of this groundbreaking, live action family film set against the spectacular natural stage of East Africa. It combines footage of real lions with cutting-edge animation techniques that allow the lions to talk. A dramatic and humorous script by Simon Nye brings the adventures of young lioness Suki and her brother, Linus, vividly to life. This is an emotional, high-impact drama set in the lion’s world and based on real lion behaviour. Filmed in High Definition and using bouldercam technology as pioneered in Lions – Spy in the Den, the film features wild lions in the Serengeti, where the story is set, as well as habituated lions. Final touches, such as facial expressions and mouth movements, are added using sophisticated computer generated imagery.

The international voice cast includes:

Kate Winslet
Helen Mirren
Jim Broadbent
Sean Bean
Robbie Coltrane
Martin Freeman
Rupert Graves

Talking Lion Cubs Breastfeeding Tips – Voices by Helen Mirren, Kate Winslet, Martin Freeman & Rupert Graves.

Spitting Cobra Vs Talking Lion Cubs – Voices by Kate Winslet, Martin Freeman & Rupert Graves.

Behind the Scenes

Talking With Lions’ Martin Freeman goes behind the scenes of Pride to reveal how lions talk. We meet the stellar cast and watch as they breathe life into real lions. Martin introduces the bouldercam as we follow its deployment in the plains of the Serengeti. But the wild lions have some fierce competition. We visit a lion sanctuary in South Africa where we meet Linda, human mum to six rescued cubs.

We follow cameraman Mike Richards as he films their mischievous antics. We discover how Geoff Bell, mastermind behind ‘Wirecam’, films just inches from a sprinting lion. We meet the Bristow family and their team of lion handlers and witness a unique relationship built on trust and understanding.
With many of the scenes complete, Martin visits Jim Henson’s creature workshop to meet a team of animators whose job it is to make lions talk. Martin watches as they convey his performance into a virtual lion mask, which is animated, given fur and placed onto the real lion. The end result speaks for itself.